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Muhlenberg’s faculty personify intellectual excellence and are devoted to teaching and opening doors for each individual student. A Muhlenberg education will prepare you to apply your in- and out-of-class learning to the person you will become and the career you will create long after graduation.

Muhlenberg cultivates a shared culture that encourages and supports meaningful experimentation. Because teaching and learning are richest in an environment that fosters an exchange of perspectives, our programs provide a wide range of opportunities for collaboration among faculty and also with students, both within and across disciplines.

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  • From Lead Up to Wrap Up

    From September through November, the expertise of Christopher Borick, professor of political science and director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion (MCIPO), as well as his polling data for the 2022 Pennsylvania midterm elections was in big demand.

  • Why I Study … Queer China

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology Casey James Miller explains how he came to his area of research.

  • Inside the Cell

    Professor of Biology and Co-Director of Biochemistry Amy Hark shares her interest in genes and gene expression with students in the classroom, in her lab and via a research consortium she’s been part of since 2009.

  • Moving Beyond Language

    Professor of English Grant Scott is supporting senior English majors as they learn to analyze and critique novels that contain only images.